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The Governors play a very important role in the running of Kirk Fenton CE Primary School, supporting Mrs Williams and all of the staff.

Who are we

Karen Williams

Head Teacher

I was a late starter into teaching having spent several years working in the finance industry. I took some time off with my youngest child and started out as a parent helper in my son's school. The staff there encouraged me to take up teaching so I went back to college to complete a PGCE 17 years ago. Since then I have taught in a range of primary schools from leafy lane to deep inner city and worked my way up through the ranks to become a Head Teacher in 2014. I joined Kirk Fenton as Head in January 2018 and am enjoying working with a great staff team and super children and families.

Carole Middleton

Chair of Governors

Shari Williams

Vice Chair

Karen Parnaby

Staff Governor

Stuart Davison

Parent Governor

Amanda Peace

Parent Governor

Joseph Miller

Parent Governor

Rev Simon Biddlestone

Ex Officio Foundation Governor

What do we do

Governors form an integral part of school life. We are a team of volunteers from all walks of life, with different skills and talents who help define the aims and aspirations of the school. We act as a critical friend and determine the strategic direction of Kirk Fenton School. This is done in close consultation with Mrs Curry, as head teacher and with all members of staff.

Kirk Fenton is a Church of England voluntary controlled school. This means that the Diocese of York owns the site but the landlord is the local authority, North Yorkshire. North Yorkshire give us the money to operate the school and are responsible for, in consultation with us, admitting pupils to Kirk Fenton School.

The Diocese and the Local Authority, as they have an interest in the development of Kirk Fenton School, nominate governors onto our governing body.

Types of Governor

Our Instrument of Government determines the number of governors and for Kirk Fenton School this is 15. There are several types of governors within our governing body:

  • Foundation governors, of which there are 3. These governors are appointed by the Archdeacon of York and are usually chosen from the people within the parish of Church Fenton and Ulleskelf, the two main communities which Kirk Fenton School serves. One Foundation governor can sometimes be the vicar and carries an ex-officio title. The Foundation governors help to guide and develop the Christian ethos throughout the school.
  • Authority governors, of which there are 2. The governors are elected by North Yorkshire council to represent the on-going interests of the Local Authority within the school.
  • Community governors, of which there should be 2, one place remains vacant at present. These governors are nominated and elected from people within our Community, who do not initially have children at the school but represent the views of the local Community. They can bring an outside perspective and business acumen to governor discussions. Previous Community governors have included members of the Parish Council and local business people.
  • Staff governors, of which there are 3, including the head-teacher. Running a school involves collecting the views of all parties involved. Staff governors are elected from members of the staffing body and represent their thoughts.
  • Parent governors, of which there are 5, are elected by the parents of children at Kirk Fenton School.

Each governor serves a 4 year term. Some governors, e.g. Foundation governors can agree to stand on, if they wish, when their term finishes. Other governors e.g. Parent governors have to be re-elected should they wish to continue. The Chair and vice-Chair of governors are elected from anyone within the team and serve a 2 year term. They can be re-elected if they wish to continue.

Our Role

All governors share the same responsibilities for the school, first and foremost to provide the best possible environment for children's learning and development. To fulfil these responsibilities, the governors meet regularly in three different groupings.

All the governors have a full meeting together, once every half term. Regular items on this agenda include head-teacher report, policy review, school development planning and progress, update on the school priorities and self-evaluation.

The governors are also split onto two committees, which also meet once every half term. The head-teacher, the chair and vice-chair of governors sit on both committees.

The Resources committee is responsible for the finances of the school, staffing and the Health and Safety of the school including safeguarding of our pupils and staff and the premises. They also review any policies pertaining to these areas.

The School Improvement committee is responsible for the development of teaching and learning within the school. This includes target setting, evaluating pupil progress and improvement, developing the school in relation to our own aims, Ofsted and Diocesan priorities. They again, review any policies pertaining to these areas.

The governing body has also set up a working party to liaise with the Local Authority and all other interested parties, including parents regarding our building expansion at school.

Governors regularly visit the school to see staff and pupils, to monitor whether policies and aims are being implemented, to act as a critical friend and a different pairs of eyes, offering a new perspective.

We also regularly attend parents' evenings to find out how things are going and what we can improve further. Only by gathering the views of many, can we make an informed and well-founded judgement of the school.

The ultimate aim of all the governors is to help make Kirk Fenton School the best it can be for all our pupils and staff. We would like our pupils to leave Kirk Fenton, as they go onto secondary school, as well-rounded children, who have enjoyed their learning experiences and have the building blocks to allow further learning throughout life.

Contact Details

We are always keen to hear views so please feel free to contact us via the school office (01937 557228).