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We are proud to be part of the STAR multi academy trust.

Chief Education Officer - Ian Yapp

Rose Cottage
LS24 9NB

Contact:  01937 538538

Contact form:

About our Trust – The STAR (Sherburn Tadcaster And Rural) Multi-Academy Trust:

There has been a strong tradition of collaboration between our partner schools for many years which culminated in the establishment of the STAR Teaching School Alliance in 2016 and then the STAR Multi Academy Trust (STAR MAT) was ‘born’ in May 2018.

We are a Trust of:

9 primary schools

2 secondary schools

4200 students

560 staff

All of our schools are located within a shared geographic community:

We are a highly collegiate organisation, proud to be based within our local area communities and therefore we describe ourselves as a community trust. With this we recognise the responsibility to work with all local partners to deliver the very best possible outcomes and future aspirations for young people and to provide places where pupils develop and thrive academically, socially, culturally and spiritually in the safest possible environments.

Whilst we work closely together in partnership, every school in STAR has its own unique identity, vision and values which run alongside those of the Trust. This is an important defining principle of our Trust, that schools are unique within a defined framework. Everyone understands their roles and responsibilities and works to our common vision, aims and values through our collegiate approach.

You can find out much more about our Trust, by visiting our website:

All Multi-Academy Trusts are required to publish certain statutory information, which is available by clicking on the following link:  Statutory Documentation

Annual Report

Annual Audited Accounts and Statements

Articles of Association, which includes the Memorandum of Association

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