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Uniform from September 2021






School Uniform:
- red sweatshirt / red cardigan (school badge available)
- white polo shirt (school badge available)
- black trousers / black tailored shorts / black skirt / black pinafore dress
- red tights or white socks with dress / skirt
- black socks with trousers / shorts
- black school shoes / black ankle boots (no heels)
- wellies to be left in school
- red or black hair accessories (hair bands, clips, bobbles)

Summer School Uniform (Easter-July) only:
- red and white gingham summer dress


PE Uniform:
- black shorts (school badge available)
- black joggers (school badge available)
- white crew neck t-shirt (school badge available)
- red hooded sweatshirt (school badge available)
- white sports socks
- black sports trainers

Additional items:
- red school summer cap with school badge
- red school logo book bag
- red school jacket (school badge available)
- red winter hat with school badge
- Named water bottle

Items with the school badge are available from our uniform supplier which is currently being updated. Whilst we have provided some flexibility with uniform over the past twelve months due to limited shop opening, we will require all children to wear the correct school and PE uniform from September. All items of clothing should be logo-free except for the school badge.